Art Dump Part 1

Hey I’ve been out for quite some time. I apologize.

Uploading sketchwork! Part 2 coming shortly

1402992_10100826666051797_2246792885513172442_o 1404479_10100839060388447_1880577475274041052_o 1973788_10100881151173177_7013465255673759907_o 10749956_10100846806245687_6191788896678384238_o 10818313_10100876887772067_6082950461608270397_o 10827895_10100834863608827_5247092733481417026_o 10828042_10100841262874647_3136165988259574163_o 10838265_10100836714175277_2398691387820927517_o 10872796_10100847595708597_3462044143306705099_o 10921624_10100877616057577_8079953526299326866_o 10922385_10100883139548457_3975662908428615926_o 10926322_10100883828981827_1990223164981862057_o


About Chris Martinetti

Art Director/Sketch/Concept artist and tennis player. Reach out to me at for requests.
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