Streets of Rage Sketches part. 1

Someday SEGA will remake Streets of Rage…but in the meantime I’ll go ahead and just sketch around some ideas. Color forthcoming.

Inspired by buuuuuunch of punk referencing from all over the place. APB and Mirror’s Edge also are always on my mind as well.


About Chris Martinetti

Art Director/Sketch/Concept artist and tennis player. Reach out to me at for requests.
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7 Responses to Streets of Rage Sketches part. 1

  1. Anthony says:

    I love these, Chris. Makes me want to pick up the old ones again. How much time did you spend on all of these sketches?

    • Thank you!!! I loved the original game so much…sigh…I think I did about 5-6 of these a day, so maybe an hour each? Can’t recall. Some went faster than others.

      I want to color them…someday! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. DinSidd says:

    WOW! man I think these could go towards a new beat em up series based on SoR. The punks have a modern look that doesn’t go too over the top but represents the types we see now days. good work, can’t wait to see these colored!

  3. Twet says:

    Are you going to color these?

  4. Beast looking sketches, makes me want to play the games again. This series was really good back in the day, I believe they released a psn version might check it out.

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